Why do I use an "ergonomic" keyboard?

  • 💀 So I don't die of wrist/shoulder pain when I'm old
  • 🎨 It looks badass and is very comfortable
  • ☕ Coffee in the middle for quick access
  • 🐁 Trackpad in the middle for those sweet gestures
  • ⌨️ Better for vim™ (source: trust me bro)
  • 🧑‍💻 Great community & software

You can track my Moonlander layout if you'd like to see what I've changed but for the most part I've kept it pretty stock OEM.

day1 (4/20/23)

This is hard, slow typing like 4wpm. Programming is not possible without looking at the keyboard legend.

day2 (4/21/23)

Today I was able to hit peak speed of 55wpm without symbols or capitalization typingclub

day12 (5/03/23)

Took a vacation but was able to float around 50wpm and getting better at coding.

day12 (5/04/23)

Right off the rip I got a 61wpm on typingclub, though programming is still rather challenging but making good progress.

day14 (5/06/23)

Spent a few hours programming and I'm getting more effiecent at finding the symbol keys in the left side of the keyboard.

day23 (5/15/23)

Every change on this website since 4/20/23 has been with the moonlander. I've gotten more comfortable with the custom symbols but it is rather stange when I got back to a normal staggared keyboard and try to type 😅.

day56 (6/17/23)

Typing around 60wpm now conistently, still make a bunch of mistakes but I try to revist typingclub to hone my skillz.

To be continued...