✨ iPhone GOATED loadout

I currently rock the iPhone 15 Pro Max in black titanium and you can find all my attachments below.

Case - Crystal Palace Snap

The thing that keeps your precious safe.

MagSafe++ - Snap 4 Luxe

Stock MagSafe is very weak so it's a must have to keep your MagSafe strong af. It uses a 3M sticky to attach to your case and has MUCH stronger magnets.

Think of this as the middleware layer.

Wallet - PopWallet+ for MagSafe

Keep all your cards on deck with this wallet that also has a popsocket built right in.

Screen Protector - Glass Elite

Keep your screen safe from scratches and cracks with a glass screen protector.

Wallet Tracker - Chipolo CARD Spot

Gives you the ability to track your wallet if you lose it.